Does anyone have a project I could do?

Answer You could learn about the history of what we now call computers, the internet, broadband and become expert in that field, as not a lot of young people know much about it.Here is one link to look at... Read More »

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Are there any IT/Project management/Project Admin Jobs going in Northallerton?

Pop your CV on the jobs boards, Monster, Fish4, Total Jobs, Jobsite. If you have an address in Yorks, pop that on your CV or at least mention on your CV that you are moving to Yorks in the new year... Read More »

Help I've got a project!!?…

Financial; NPV of project?

Use CAPM to solve for the discount rate.E(r) = RFR + Beta(Rmkt - RFR)... where (Rmkt - RFR) = the market risk premium= 0.05 + 1.25(0.08)= 0.15NPV = (1,800) + 600/1.15 + 600/1.15^2 + ... + 600/1.15^... Read More »

Under the Sea Project for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten children enjoy learning about the different creatures that live in the sea. Let them learn about the habitats and characteristics of various sea creatures by creating an undersea world... Read More »