Does anyone have a project I could do?

Answer You could learn about the history of what we now call computers, the internet, broadband and become expert in that field, as not a lot of young people know much about it.Here is one link to look at... Read More »

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Does anyone know where I could go with my fella to have a romantic candle light dinner in Sheffield?

With all the questions I have answered today, I dont think I have found one soooo sweet!!! I dont live in Sheffield, but where ever u end up- Ur bound to have a nice romantic night im sure..

I have found a worm on my laptop i have removed it using avast anti virus can anyone tell me what it could do?

As Alex said you can google it for information on it,but make sure it was not a false positive.It depends where you loaded Avast from.SUPERANTISPYWARE WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU THE INFORMATION YOU WANT ... Read More »

Does anyone know how i could get a job in boots or superdrug?

Usually when they are looking for people they put signs up and you ask at the counter for an application for. But that's usually around Xmas time. Best bet is to ask at jobcentre.

Does anyone know where a 16 year old could get a job?