Does anyone have skype?

Answer It is great. You can download it for free and either need a headset or a webcam with a mic in it (what I use). I can't believe I ever lived without it. Free skype to skype calls and a clear line.

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Does anyone know if skype is going to have the option to show as on/offline to whoever we want?

Skype doesn't have that option and you need to block someone if you want to look offline to him.But he won't see you blocked him. Skype also has an invisible mode that allows you to look offline to... Read More »

Does anyone use MSN messenger for Skype?

MSN and SKYPE are two different messenger facilities,the latest are WLM 2009 BETA and Skype 4 beta,Skype have had a lot of audio problems which i believe have now been addressed and sorted out.Both... Read More »

Does the iPad Have Skype?

Skype is not included in the iPad's native software, but there is an iPhone Skype app that works with the iPad. This has some limitations depending on your needs and your iPad model, but the iPhone... Read More »

Why won't skype downloadI have a dell mini 10v using ubuntu 8.04 and when I try to install the skype it fails?

try the synaptic package manager in system / admin / synaptic package manager, insert password and when it loads type skype in the search box, just tick the skype package ( you dont ne... Read More »