Does anyone know a 24/7 minecraft server where I can actually do something?

Answer hello, I run and the minecraft server are a small community and have between 3 and 15 players on at a time. We have several worlds, including a fully regi... Read More »

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Does anyone know where the hells kitchen restaurant actually is?

Does anyone know where i can download a msn messenger block checker from that actually works?

hardly any actuly work since in msn messenger if u go in to option and privacy u can make so only ppl on ur allowed list can see u meaning block checkers dont work any morehttp://blockchecker.msnfa... Read More »

Does anyone want to join my minecraft server?

Hiya does anyone know where i could find a test or something online to .....?

I don't know how old you are, but my daughter took the "asvab test" (career exploration program) for that at school earlier this year. If you are a student, try this site:http://wwww.asvabprogram.c... Read More »