Does anyone know anout open dns?

Answer Very safe.It has nothing to do with your ISP. Make sure you register,(optional ) this way you can log on there site,and block certain content ( if you wish )I use it,so my children,cannot accidentl... Read More »

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New exhaust fitted. is now banging anout. is this normal?

No it won't settle down. It has been fitted slightly out of alignment. needs to back on the ramp, the clamp loosened off and it realigned then the clamp re-tightened. Only takes a few minutes. The... Read More »

When I am trying to open my F-drive it’s asking ‘to choose a program to open this file’ and opening an’ Open F?

your drive is having volume or its already corrupted.try to open by autoplay.right click on it, then choose AUTOPLAY. if it still didnt work, try EXPLORE.if not you have to run a recovery software ... Read More »

Peugeot 207 door, no resistance, swings wide open then wont stay open?

the door stay has broken, live with it or get it repaired at any garage other than a main dealer they will charge a fortune in labour charges

I cant open my emails without right clicking and selecting open. also i cant empty my trash can or delete emai?