Does anyone know how to put stuff from cassettes onto cds using the computer?

Answer If there is a headphone socket on your cassette player then it's easy. You will need a cable with a stereo jack plug (3.5mm) at each end. You will also need a recording programme, I use audiograbbe... Read More »

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Does anyone know the website that you can get free stuff from in your area?

Does anyone know how to insert music from files onto power point?

you need to go into tools, options, go to the general tab, change the size to 1000 KB where it says links sounds with file size greater than.... then hit OK, then on your first slide, go to insert ... Read More »

I want to get a 6x9 and sub woofer but i dont know how to fit it wires and stuff does anyone know?

you do need an amp for the sub but the 6 by 9s carrun off the rear speakers. you will get 3 wires in a amp wire kit. the big red one goes from the amp to the battery positive, the black one will go... Read More »

I know about RAM and stuff. Just wanna know, does anyone feels any particular brand better than the others?

Like everyone else said,. Crucial RAM.I have never had a stick die or error out on me. Try and find a stick with a Cass Latency of 2.0 if you can and are using some memory intense programs.Also, an... Read More »