Does anyone know if you can get bt broadband in inishowen, rep of ireland?

Answer next time you in the city, ask what deals they are doing and say you have been offered some good broadband deals but you what to better them, there is good competition out there, and don't just go ... Read More »

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Does anyone know the cost of shipping a boat from the Netherlands to Ireland?

If its a Dutch barge its going to have to be one hell of a large lorry.As reported it would be cheaper to have it ether towed across or sailed under its own power if it has a working engine!

Does anyone know tha approximate cost of transporting a 50ft barge from Holland to Ireland?

A small fourtune ! nearly the value of the barge!

Does anyone know any insurance companies in Ireland that will insure Cheerleading squads?

If you check yellow pages and look for companies that offer commercial insurance. Although cheerleading is not strictly commercial, for insurance purposes very similar. (staff=squad, liability etc)

Orange Livebox Broadband. Does anyone know if I can change my IP address on this?

Yes, it will change your assigned IP for the orange network, If your using a router and its the LAN or Wifi address you want to change you will need to do that manually