Does anyone know if you can get bt broadband in inishowen, rep of ireland?

Answer next time you in the city, ask what deals they are doing and say you have been offered some good broadband deals but you what to better them, there is good competition out there, and don't just go ... Read More »

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If I am supplying goods to Northern Ireland but invoicing Southern Ireland, do they pay VAT?

1. If supplying from Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland, no, you do not charge VAT - the onus is on them to pay it in the UK.2. If supplying from Great Britain, to Northern Ireland, with Invoi... Read More »

What is the song on the new ad for the road safety authority in Ireland/Northern Ireland?

Is that the one when the guys legs are trapped?

I have Broadband. Any ideas why, when a telephone call is made or received, it cuts off my Broadband?

You haven't got a ADSL micro filter fitted to the telephone(s).

2 friends share a house , one wants bt broadband the other wants virgin broadband, they are not prepared to?