Does anyone know of a Wireless Router which is REALLY easy to set up?

Answer For what it's worth my ISP said they chose to give their customers NETGEAR because out of all the routers they looked at , Netgear was the easiest to troubleshoot. I certainly found it extremely ea... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a conflict with Windows XP and Belkin wireless router.?

It could be that your desktop PC is further away from your router than your laptop or there could be some other electrical equipment 'weakening' your wireless signal which in turn will reduce the p... Read More »

Which wireless modem router should I replace for the 2007 Netgear Post Office Wireless Modem Router?

try this - tabs on top…

I have a wireless router by Belkin but have lost the installation disc, anyone know how i connect my sons pc?

I really don't think you can...My kids all have belkin so im lucky one disc will do them all... I can send you a disk if you need one, and if it;s the same as ours!I M me if you like..

Does anyone know the default passwords for the wifi router belkin54g?

The default is no password at all. the owner has to set one of his choice, or run without one.