Does anyone know the facebook masterpassword?

Answer You really don't think FB are going to give that kind of information out, do you?If you can't get into your account for whatever reason you will have to contact FB.

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Im think im addicted to facebook, does anyone know how i can stop or decrease my hours going on facebook?

A couple ways that might work depending on the kind of person you are are:1. Take up a hobby. Join an Art class or a book club, or even start sewing or doing needlepoint.2. Join a team. If you are... Read More »

Hi does anyone know if Facebook is down in the uk?

Einstein: 'I fear the day when technology overlaps our humanity. It will be then that the world will have permanent ensuing generations of idiots.'Congratulations, you are part of the generation wh... Read More »

Does anyone know if facebook is down?

Not that Im aware of, I have just come off Facebook now myself.It might be your connection because it does that to me sometimes to.I'd just leave it for a couple of hours and check again!

Does anyone know this about facebook?

it's usually either up to 16 they can pick from...or all. it varies...why not ask them???xx