Does anyone know what to do on your computer, if you think someone is using your wireless connection?

Answer Yes - set up a sercured network. It is called the WEP key and your software with the router will have the option to enable it. You set it up using a common phrase (think of it as a password) and an... Read More »

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What do I need to set up a wireless connection to a non wireless computer?

just plug the yellow ethernet cable into the back of your PC from the hub... but if you want to make it wireless just get a dongle from somewhere like argos ...I have tried many brands of dongle an... Read More »

Can I connect more than one computer to my wireless connection?

Most wireless routers can support up to 30 wireless connections, although if they are all downloading at the same time, you'd have a major slowdown in speed.

Old computer-wireless internet connection?

The easiest way for you:-Connect the Ethernet cable so that you have both options available first. now that you have both option pursue the cable connection this should automatically connect or at ... Read More »

Can my room-mate through a wireless connection, see what I'm doing on my computer?

Yes and no.A simple example of what she can do is monitor the router log for what web sites you are visiting. To see what I am referring to, enable verbose logging on your wired or wireless router... Read More »