Does anyone know why my broadband has been very slow the past couple of weeks?

Answer Unplug your router, wait a few minutes and then plug it back in again. See if that makes any difference.

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Talk talk free broadband or not i have been waiting for this for weeks now ,has anyone else had same problem?

A lot of people are experiencing problems with Talk Talk in was on BBC Breakfast every day last week.Seemingly once they set you up and have all the equipmen etc it is still difficult to log on an... Read More »

Sky broadband recently has been terrible, anyone know why?

I had a similar problem with the speed of my WiFi. On my desktop I had the speed that I pay for, but my WiFi was under 1mb instead of the 20mb line I pay for.On the backside of the router there is ... Read More »

Been looking for so many jobs, (in retail) for the past 6 weeks, what am I doing wrong?

girl, i been looking too so u are not the only one!It's a double dip recession, hang in there lol

Does anyone know if you can get bt broadband in inishowen, rep of ireland?

next time you in the city, ask what deals they are doing and say you have been offered some good broadband deals but you what to better them, there is good competition out there, and don't just go ... Read More »