Does anyone now how to hack WiFi?

Answer LOL, you sound like a kid! What do you mean hack wifi? Be more specific! Do you want to just get the password to the wifi? If so, I don't believe there is much you can do from a phone XD, this isn'... Read More »

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Does anyone on here actually know how to hack?

Sure JoeThe best way to hack a Computer is throw it out the top window then it's seriously hacked. That seems to do the trick. Good luck

Does anyone know how to hack someone's facebook account?

i am surprised to see any free software yet... but phishing procedure is the free method to hack facebook, it require some steps.. i found a good link that will help you doing this.. http://grayhat... Read More »

Very odd wifi problem: laptop does not gain internet access on home wifi, but other devices does?

I can't say exactly what your issue is, but here's some ideas to narrow down the problem. Open up command prompt and type ipconfig, and then check what ip you have. If it doesn't show a default gat... Read More »

Does anyone know the default passwords for the wifi router belkin54g?

The default is no password at all. the owner has to set one of his choice, or run without one.