Does anyone on here actually know how to hack?

Answer Sure JoeThe best way to hack a Computer is throw it out the top window then it's seriously hacked. That seems to do the trick. Good luck

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Help I Need To Hack My P.C?

Tell your friend that if she don't tell you the password that you're going to recovery it back to factory settings like it came out of the box. That will clear all the data that is on it. Then afte... Read More »

How would you hack something like this ?

Hacking into a system depends on many factors, Web facing applications such as database can be victim to SQL injection, Cross site scripting etcFor networks there are plenty of tools to scan for op... Read More »

How can i hack a FB account?

you need their ip address. you can get this by direct connecting to them on aol instant messanger or any direct connection (ie, webcam or sharing a program like a whiteboard, desktop etc) then goin... Read More »

Is it possible to hack anyone on Answers?

David, From one old man to another, what the hell are you doing using Internet explorer for, Use Firefox or Chrome web browsers they are faster and far more secure, and to answer your question it'... Read More »