Does anyone receive emails from(rich) African widows and orphans asking him/her for help?

Answer Yes, I have, and I can tell you that this thing is a SCAM!!! I reported it to the cops, because I naturally became suspicious of it, and the reason is, as the saying goes, "If it sounds too good to... Read More »

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I receive mails asking me to give my name to transfer funds from african countries to my it legal?

No, it's a scam. It's usually some guy from Nigeria or wherever who says they have rights to a large sum of money, but needs to get it out of the country. In exchange for using your account to tr... Read More »

Why does my friend not receive my emails?

The e-mail address could be wrong, check out the tiny details like an underscore or something!..

Can anyone help.Widows 8 problems?

Emails Can anyone help Hotmail?

Im pretty sure they dont re-release any pre-registered addresses that have expired, so they are registered indefinitely.I have many hotmail accounts that I have left to 'expire', only to try loggin... Read More »