Does anyone receive emails from(rich) African widows and orphans asking him/her for help?

Answer Yes, I have, and I can tell you that this thing is a SCAM!!! I reported it to the cops, because I naturally became suspicious of it, and the reason is, as the saying goes, "If it sounds too good to... Read More »

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Why does my friend not receive my emails?

The e-mail address could be wrong, check out the tiny details like an underscore or something!..

Is it possible to receive emails via facebook?

Yes you can. Go to your profile and observe your username, your username is the text following "zuck" is the username.... then you can have your email address l... Read More »

Why can't I receive emails on my Ipad any more it has been working well until today?

Go to your settings and retype your password.

Mail on my macbook pro won't receive or send emails from my hotmail account.?

go to click live chat i love these pc experts answer all my questions etc and fixed my pc loads of times highly reccomended ppl ...