Does anyone remember that hyperlink which when pressed would open CD tray?

Answer I dont know but if u put a pin or needle in the small hole somewhere along the side of the tray this will open the tray aslo (assuming you have a cd stuck) if not sorry for rambling on and being no... Read More »

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Does anyone remember when petrol was 3/6p a gallon?

I can certainly remember travelling from London to my friends pad in Cambridge and return every weekend - would have been about 1970. I had a Triumph Herald 12/50 and a quids worth of fuel lasted t... Read More »

Does anyone remember ten bob And, if so, what's the best thing (or things) you remember buying with it?

In 1969, when I was 5 years old, our next door neighbour gave me a 10 shilling note. I was delighted with what I called "paper money", although I couldn't tell the difference between a 10 shilling... Read More »

In "Empire Strikes Back", when Luke learns that Darth Vader is his father, he falls/jumps off a platform in Cloud City without his hand. Given the fact that objects reach terminal velocity, which would have a faster terminal velocity and which would ?

Luke would probably reach the ground before his hand. An object reaches a terminal velocity as it fall because the upward force of air resistance becomes stronger as the object's downward speed inc... Read More »

Does anyone remember the first alcoholic drink they had that made them feel grown up and sophisticated?

Beer ...I was ten and vaguely remember crawling around in the grass afterwards.