Does anyone use Linux Ubantu is it the best Linux operating system And Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Answer Ok, you shouldnt bother with windows 8, it is a mess at the moment.Windows 7 is like xp, it's a solid os, unlike your current vista.I would go with windows 7, skip 8 and wait for windows 9 or whate... Read More »

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Question for security experts. Is Linux a more secure and better operating system than windows 7 ?

Linux is the most stable, and secure OS out. Linux is only susceptible to rootkits, and phishing, which will depend on intelligence.

How does one change from a Microsoft operating system to another like Ubunty Linux?

Sounds like a pirate copy of Microsoft Windows. Here is how to tell:…There are plenty of ways to upgrade to Ubuntu - even without a CD drive!https://help.u... Read More »

Does anybody know anything about "linux" operating it better or worse than windowsis it more stabl?

Linux is more stable than Linux. It is so because Linux is written in such a way that one single program is less likely to crash your computer. I currently use only Linux on my computer and have ha... Read More »

I have made my CV in Libre on Linux Ubuntu, will the interviewer be able to open this on a Windows system?

The other answer is wrong. Windows Ofice will open a CV made in LibreOffice.But sending a CV in Word format is a bad idea. Send a PDF instead, then it can't get accidentally corrupted.