Does cat litter REALLY provide traction in the snow?

Answer So they said on TV. I doubt it, I won't be trying it. Won't it absorb water from the snow? That can't help. And it's not very practical to carry a bag of cat litter in your car.the best tip I've ev... Read More »

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If you have a deck that is snow covered with a very light, fluffy snow, and no one touches it, but in the next few days, from the sun, or whatever, the snow becomes "heavier" to move, does it actually weigh more — PP?

As the snow settles and becomes denser, it may feel "heavier", but its total weight doesn't change much. The same water molecules are simply packing themselves into a smaller space. So while each s... Read More »

When you walk on snow when it is cold (-20° C), the snow squeaks; but when it is relatively warm (-5° C) the snow doesn't squeak. Why — PW, Alberta, CA?

Near ice's melting temperature, the surfaces within warm snow become more and more liquid-like. These liquid-like surfaces not only allow the warm snow to stick together as firm snowballs, but they... Read More »

If a car has snow on the roof and it slows down in a straight line which direction will the snow slide?

How to Get Rid of Used Cat Litter?

Cats are safest when they are kept inside, but that means you need to keep a litter box for them to use. Used cat litter requires proper disposal that depends on the type of litter. Clay-based cat ... Read More »