Does cleaning internet cache or temporary internet files remove any important files?

Answer No just temporary files that are not needed, browsers only cache files locally so that the page loads up quicker the next time you visit the page, in this day and age with fast internet speed there... Read More »

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Is cache memory the same thing as temporary internet files?

Cache is a very small area of memory extremely close (sometimes inside) the CPU which consists of SRAM to make it faster than the rest of memory. Since it's faster but smaller it can only store a f... Read More »

Can I remove Temporary Internet Files?

Yes - go to the tools menu - Internet options and then delete temporary internet files - job done. You wont lose anything from the favourites folder etc. If PC is slow - maybe you need to defrag t... Read More »

How do I remove all the temporary internet files from my system?

Go to "Tools" > "Internet Options". Then about half way down the menu that pops up, you should see "Temporary Internet Files". Just click on the button that says "Delete Files" and then confirm by ... Read More »

On deleting temporary internet files is there a danger it could of deleted valuable media files to?

Temporary internet files are files that the browser stores automatically for various reasons that include faster browsing in the future. These files are stored in specialized folders created upon t... Read More »