Does de authoring a computer in i tunes reduce my 5 limit to 4?

Answer You can have up to 5 computers authorised at a time. If you de-authorise one computer then that authorisation can be used on another computer. You should de-authorise the authorisation of the comp... Read More »

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How do you move your I-tunes from 1 computer to another?

Do you have an iPod? If so you can use it to transfer your music to your new computer. Try this:-open iTunes on your new computer, then open iTunes preferences and leave running (this will temporar... Read More »

If some newly constructed homes are next to a 100km/h highway, will reducing the speed limit reduce noise?

Yes! Provided that the lower limit is enforced :-)The largest component at speed is tyre noise, so slower equals quieter. And road surfaces vary greatly in the amount of noise that is generated.How... Read More »

How do I Highlight Tunes in I Tunes?

To highlight a tune in iTunes,click on the song and it will turn blue. You can highlight more than one holding down the shift key as you click.

My computer crashed and i lost all my music on i tunes, how do i load all my music from my ipod back to my pc?

I just did this over the weekend. There are some tools you can get to do this, but here are the basics:Plug your iPod in via USB and use it as a storage drive, not as an iPod. (If you have iTunes a... Read More »