Does facebook tell someone you've blocked them?

Answer When you block a person your profile doesn't show up, so as you said you've blocked your mum's friend, so when she tries and searches you your profile won't come up :)

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On facebook if youve been looking at someones profile who you used to be friends with?

No you can't be detected just looking at someone's profileFacebook doesn't allow that

Is it possible to delete someone on your blocked lists on facebook and still keep them blocked?

There is no option to delete the name from our blocked lists. If we block a person, we cannot see his/her profile on Facebook. it means that we automatically remove his/her name from our memories. ... Read More »

Please Help!! Facebook Blocked!!!!?

card number? address? why would facebook need these things?the answer is they dont. you need to download some antivirus programs and restart in safe mode and run them from there. you definitely got... Read More »

If I have someone blocked on Facebook..?

No, I don't think so. Not unless youre contacting them in anyway and they can take it to facebook and appeal. But in a simple block, they cant find you to block you.