Does getting own work published help in getting research jobs or a place in PhD?

Answer Yes any published research in an academic journal would assist in a PhD application. I suggest you make contact with a university faculty which provides a PhD programme and get advice about entry r... Read More »

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Seeing that i'm 16 years old restricted from certain jobs, where would be the best place to look for work?

I had several jobs when I was a teenager. First I worked in a tire shop changing oil and tires. A little bit of hard work but it was a great experience. I also worked in retail as a clerk, that ... Read More »

Should jobs be advertised internally or just allocated to someone in the work place?

Other peoples wages are none of your business. You have your job within the company just as other people have theirs. It doesnt sound as though any new jobs are being created to have any need to ad... Read More »

A friend of mine had some work published?

Hi,He was nearly right. 8-))It is :-…Arnak

How to research jobs....?

Try to talk with some one who has been working with the firm, ask for literature, such as the annual report that explains the firm and its policies, check the company's WEB SIT E, or check out the ... Read More »