Does having your doors and closed interfere with you Wifi Connection?

Answer Doors don't have anything to do with my wifi. I can go outside and get a good wifi signal up to 200 to 300 feet.A metal building I can see would hinder the signal.

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Yes and yes. It mostly interferes with sleeping. But it can still be a great life once you adjust. And you never get laid-off..

Got a laptop with a wifi connection for Xmas. How do I connect to neighbours' wifi system or other hotspot?

First, you need to install the wireless card driver if it's not already installed. Next, click on the wireless computers down in the taskbar, and click on "Refresh Wireless Networks" or something l... Read More »

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Why does my laptop contialy lose connection to wifi?

The asus is an excellent router - I have one. Here are some tips to solve your problemYou may be getting interference from neighbouring wireless signals.1)Change the broadcast channel on the router... Read More »