Does internet improve if a laptop is connected to modem/router with an ethernet cable?

Answer Wired is more stable than wireless. Wireless connections are subject to all sorts of interference (wifi and cordless phones operate on the same carrier frequency), and the more users you have usin... Read More »

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How do i get my laptop to work with ethernet cable. saying connected but wont let me online. done basic check?

Try this Troubleshooting guide…

What is faster,Ethernet cable connected to your main PC or wireless connection?

How Do I Convert My Ethernet Connected Laptop to Wireless?

Many laptop computers produced before 2006 did not include built-in wireless capabilities. Instead, they typically used a traditional wired Ethernet connection for network and Internet connectivity... Read More »

Internet sharing using ethernet cable?

Hi there,You can simply change the password and he/she will not be able to log on.Or you can setup MAC address filtering in your router so his/her computer is not allowed to connect.Set it up so on... Read More »