Does internet improve if a laptop is connected to modem/router with an ethernet cable?

Answer Wired is more stable than wireless. Wireless connections are subject to all sorts of interference (wifi and cordless phones operate on the same carrier frequency), and the more users you have usin... Read More »

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How do i get my laptop to work with ethernet cable. saying connected but wont let me online. done basic check?

Try this Troubleshooting guide…

I am with bt broadband, bt took control of laptop, have now got to connect with ethernet cable?

Google your laptop using manufacturer's name and model number (will be on a little label, probably underneath). Look for support pages, download the Owner's Manual. This will tell you how to switch... Read More »

Wich router do i need when my internet speed connected with a cable is 1gbps?

There is only one site in the country (UK) that has access to Gigabyte speeds at the moment, and it has not yet decided how to it can use of it;…For the re... Read More »

What is faster,Ethernet cable connected to your main PC or wireless connection?