Does it matter which type of ram?

Answer It does have to be DDR3, but in your case that does not matter much as a 32 bit operating system can only use about 3.5 Gig, even if 4 Gig is installed. Installing anything more is a waste of money... Read More »

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What happens when matter and anti-matter collide Do they just destroy each other I thought that matter couldn't be created or destroyed - S?

As Einstein's famous formula points out, mass and energy are equivalent in many respects. In most situations, mass is conserved and so is energy. But at the deepest level, it's actually the sum of ... Read More »

Guys; Does a girls BODY matter when looking to get with a girl And what body type is most attractive?

Yes, very much so.Body type depends. Some guys like the hourglass figure, some like the sporty/athletic (small boobs and tight rear).I like both, as long as she is in shape

Why can you force the current from the n-type semiconductor to the p-type after a p-n junction has been created but you can't force current from the p-type to the n-type?

Actually, you are asking about a current of electrons, which carry a negative charge. It's true that electrons can't be sent across the p-n junction from the p-type side to the n-type side. There a... Read More »

I have the old type driving license,and a friend told me i am supposed to have the card type,is this correct?

No.Though no new all-paper licences are now issued, if you have one these generally don't expire until you're 70, so you don't need to do anything until then unless your address or personal details... Read More »