Does listening to downloaded audiobooks count as broadband usage?

Answer His should not count towards your broadband usage because you downloaded it. To check, just turn off your brodband (i dont own an ipad so i dont know how) and try playing your audiobook. If it stil... Read More »

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Does listening to online radio count towards download limit?

dont worry about that streaming online radios usually are not so huge even if your favorite online radio quality is 128kb/shave fun with that

When downloading from Azureus I also notice it uploads, do these count as my total G B usage which is 5 GB?

Both downloads and uploads count towards your limit. If you are concerned then BitTorrent may not be your best choice. If you start to download without sharing then you will find that the few torre... Read More »

Broadband Usage?

Last time I bothered firing up lap-top, I paid £3/4 for days use. Half hour radio show + half hour TV programme later it went off. "You have used avilable data". At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.Ho... Read More »

Bt Broadband Usage Monitor?

Yes click on 'help/support' & then on connection on the left hand side & it's there.