Does mbps depend on the area or broadband service?

Answer It's a combination of distance from the exchange and the type of equipment in use.If you have been on the same setup for several years, it could be an old legacy ADSL-1 or ADSLMax system.If so, upg... Read More »

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Why does Download Speed depend on your Area?

i found out that the lil box on the corner where you always see guys working, well they can connect your street better. we called and its a fact. if you see them at a box in your neighborhood they ... Read More »

Will Yorkshire benifit BT Broadband new 20 MBPs connection?

Yes, if you want to download faster and your connection is slower than 20mbs

Is a 54 mbps router with a tiscali broadband connection enough to run 2 pc,s and xbox live .?

How Come I Only Get 11.0 Mbps Instead of 54.0 Mbps on My Wireless Network?

Wireless networking for homes and small businesses has developed dramatically over a short period of time. The original 802.11 wireless standards only supported speeds of 1 to 2 Mbps; the 802.11b s... Read More »