Does playing games on facebook affect the download limit?

Answer Yes it does.Everything you do on the internet from the time you log on till thetime you log off involves either an upload or a download.ALL that counts towards your monthly allowance.

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Does playing games on line effect your download limit?

Anything you do on the Internet adds to your usage. All uploads and downloads count. Even more so playing games or streaming. Just normal usage without any of that I use 7 to 10 Gb a month.

Is there a way how how to get a list of how much time my husband spent playing facebook games?

thats petty..just go to counseling..but if you really want to divorce then go for it but not sure a judge would care about him playing facebook games..He might court order both of you to go to coun... Read More »

Why does it take so long for games to download on facebook?

Try downloading the latest java and adobe flash software....and dont open too mant programs....

When i play games on facebook its says download adobe flash but laptop has this?

Use this link and download flash player