Does playing games on line effect your download limit?

Answer Anything you do on the Internet adds to your usage. All uploads and downloads count. Even more so playing games or streaming. Just normal usage without any of that I use 7 to 10 Gb a month.

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Does playing games on facebook affect the download limit?

Yes it does.Everything you do on the internet from the time you log on till thetime you log off involves either an upload or a download.ALL that counts towards your monthly allowance.

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Download limit.?

There are loads of free programs which will do the job. This is probably the most frequently recommended:http://www.softpedia....ols/ISP-Monitor.shtml Last time I rang BT about something they gave... Read More »

Broadband with a download limit of 6gb?

You would be much better off going with the no-limit option. With the size of web pages, email, and everything else you can do on the net, it would not take much time to chew up that 6gb limit. I... Read More »