Does putting up a profile on Facebook/Friends Reunited leave you open to ID fraudIs this true?

Answer depends how much data you put on the profile and who you allow to see the suggestions on the sites.

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Putting image onto myspace profile?

If you have the URL of the image, type this wherever you want to put it...:-)EDIT: Why were we all downrated? ^o)

Is it true that it's best for your pc to leave it on?

A good compromise is to use hibernation IE suspend mode. It won't hurt your hard-drive much as it uses the disk much less than a normal start-up/shut-down and yet turns the computer off completely... Read More »

Is it true I can leave school before age 16.. In the UK?

NO - the last time was in the 1980'a.Now by law you have got to stay in education until your 18th Birthday.

Do you always have your mouth open when you are putting on your mascara?

Since I look a little like your twin here, I suppose I have to admit to being identical to you. Good job there are twin mirrors in my bathroom or there wouldn't be room for us both!Odd, strange or... Read More »