Does running 3 browsers at the same time slow your computer down ?

Answer if they are in the taskbar then they are running, whether minimized or not but they will not slow your pc down any noticeable amount, i usually have 3 browsers open at any time and i dont notice a ... Read More »

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Does msn slow your computer down?

Microsoft would be in deep trouble if using MSN slowed people down. It is unlikely that it is MSN.Use the steps in this article for speeding your computer and you should have no problem http://www.... Read More »

Does msn slow down your computer?

Does anyone suffer from PC rage!!! If your computer is running really slow or you lose your connectivity?

I smashed my laptop with my fists so much that I broke it! Apparently the hard drive isn't working. Haven't actually fessed up that it was my fault yet.......

Does limewire slow your computer down?

Very likely! Unless of course your antivirus is bomb proof, but I'm starting to realise none of them are! It's the Spyware, Malware and Trojans that seem to be the biggest thing effecting Limewire.... Read More »