Does seeding movies slow your computer down?

Answer In most cases, yes it will. If you have a powerful computer, then you may not even notice the reduced performance. It also depends on the program, as some can be very power hungry - µTorrent is on... Read More »

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Can Downloading Pirate Movies Make Your Internet Slow?

You could both be right -- video games can use a lot of data, but it's not uncommon for pirate movie sites to slip trojans and viruses in along with the movies, and of course there's a great deal o... Read More »

Why do YouTube videos play slow on my computer They're all choppy and slow?

Receiving the video requires that you have the proper amount of space needed to load the video temporarily. The video will be loaded in to your Web Cache. If this area is full, the video will be sl... Read More »

My computer is slow, but i have used software to clean it, but it is still very slow, what else can i do ?

Can You Download Movies Onto Your Computer From a DVD & Then Add Them to iTunes?

It has never been easier to import movies from DVD discs into iTunes than today. Dozens of software programs on the market enable users to extract the video and audio files from a DVD onto a comput... Read More »