Does the computer misuse act have the desired effect?

Answer I honestly do not understand what the question is, I can see why you are struggling to answer it.

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What effect does zonealarm have on the performance of a computer system and why does it have that effect.?

Depends what you mean by performance. All software uses some resource, so adding anything which runs in the background will reduce the ultimate resource available to the OS and other software. Or y... Read More »

Would wearing my top hat at an acute angle have the desired effect on the ladies?

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Is the computer misuse act fit for purpose?

Possibly not anymore, the problem with legislating for technology is that the technology moves much faster than the law ever could.

What is the computer misuse act?

Well if your a student of should realize that the www will have the answerBut just of the top of my head my guess is to not use computer devices for the purposes of hacking and other assoc... Read More »