Does the number of computers affect an internet speed test?

Answer Doing a speedtest on one of the computers while all the other computers are idle (or even better turned off) will likely tell you the true speed of your connection. Keep in mind that the likely mi... Read More »

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Is there any difference between a LAN connection and a broadband one does it affect my computers speed?

Lan connection is were another computer is connected via another computer in the same place,i.e I have a laptop which is on Lan,connected by a LAN cable from my wife's computer which is connected b... Read More »

Will this affect my internet speed?

The 10 day period is so that the DSLAM in the exchange can determine the speed of your connection and will drop it over 10 days depending on line speed and CRC errors, after this time it will tend ... Read More »

Will an ethernet splitter affect internet speed if only one computer is plugged in?

Only if you are using high quality cables for a high rate connection and using a low quality splitter, or if you are trying to use the splitter to extend the range of your wired connection too far.... Read More »

How Do I Test Internet Speed?

Streaming online television and movies, podcasts and music, video and content-rich websites are all good reasons to have a fast Internet connection. As people are spending more time online working,... Read More »