Does this new facebook app work- stalkercheck?

Answer A lot of people are saying that it's impossible for it to actually be based on how many times someone has been on your profile and is based on commenting/liking etc, but i do think it's based on pr... Read More »

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How do you block StalkerCheck app on Facebook?

If you go to the application (get to the part where it says ALLOW or cancel, then click on the blue link that says Stalker Check) on the left hand side, above where it says information and has the ... Read More »

Got this on facebook can anyone work it out?

80% of UCSD students were right. There IS no error. =]

Does this graphics card work with this motherboard?

Hi,Yes the motherboard will take that graphics card.Arnak

Work that is pro-rata What does this mean (I have never worked this way)?

Translated, pro rata means in proportion or according to a certain rate. Therefore if the job is advertised as £15k per year pro rata it will mean that full time it will pay £15k but the pay will... Read More »