Does this seem too good to be true?

Answer it looks like a con, googling the phone number turned up:…Apparently they ask you for £700.

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Are Fiat good cars I have heard that the build quality is not good. Is that true?

Some say it stands for "Fix it again tomorrow".

Is it true that Dells are not good cause i wanted to buy one and someone told me that it's not good?

Like any company or service, one bad incident can damage the reputation of the company. In Dell's case it was the power supply/battery for it's Inspiron Laptops. Because of a flaw in the battery, i... Read More »

Is this too good to be true?

I've not heard of FixTheOdds, but take a look at this interesting article in the Guardian: I can't see the catch... Let us know how yo... Read More »

Can this be too good to be true?

Greetings STICKMAN!It's surprising how many people think you're actually being serious!LOLIf you ever did get such an e-mail, you should post it on here so we can all have a laugh.