Does turning router on and off increase overall speed?

Answer Yes it's called rebooting your router and it solves most low speed problemsand it will also give you a new IP address.You also need to get your terminology right.Resetting a router is a completely ... Read More »

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How much will a wireless router increase my speed by?

They are correct- having a faster wireless router would not matter. Your speed is limited by the slowest link in the chain.If your broadband connection is 2.3 mbps, then that's the maximum speed at... Read More »

Would turning off the traction control on a 2.0 D.. X Type Jaguar increase the MPG?

Traction control only works when the car senses it's slipping or one of the tires is spinning faster then the rest what it does is apply brake to that wheel to get them all back in sync. So if your... Read More »

Will turning my newly serviced boiler to half make my gas bills increase alot.?

That depends what it is set at now. Turning the boiler temperature down will decrease the bills. Turning it up will increase gas use.

The Best Ways to Increase a Wireless Router for Outdoor Use?

Wireless computer networks can be modified to work well outdoors as well as indoors. The trick to getting a wireless network to work over a longer range for outdoor use is to set up the actual netw... Read More »