Does two computers sharing one wireless router slow down the other?

Answer yes it can as each are competing with each other for bandwidth.

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Would having 2 computers connected wireless to a router slow down the other computers connection and speed?

We did the same thing you are doing! I have a computer in my room with a wireless card on my computer. My parents have the wireless router in their room. The only reason the internet would be slow ... Read More »

Does a wireless router give out a signal when no computers are connected to it?

It is always sending out a signal yes.To turn it off and still use the cable plugged into the router, you need to access the router settings to disable the wireless.But each time he wants to use it... Read More »

Why does my linksys router need to be powered down every day to restore wireless connection?

turn on the tcp/ip bios on the network connection.:> peace.

Can 2 computers connect to the same wireless router?