Does waving the curser around the screen make things load quicker?

Answer This is a very good question and it exposes all these people who use computers but know nothing. The answer is YES it does. You've tried it and it works. I don't have time to tell you why it does b... Read More »

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How do u get things moving quicker when on housing association transfer list for bigger property?

phone them everyday. get councillors involved lie if you have to.

When travelling on a motorway,is it quicker to stay in the same lane in traffic jams or quicker 2 change lanes?

Stay in the same. Switching causes more congestion.

How to Load Things in MATLAB?

MATLAB is a software application developed by MathWorks for technical computing. Scientists and engineers generate data from experiments and simulations. Data generated or recorded outside of MATLA... Read More »

Problems with screen resolution/things getting cut off the screen?

A lot of computer video systems have drivers and software tools to adjust the overscan (the area of the picture beyond the borders of the screen) so that all the image is seen no matter what the re... Read More »