Does your computer own you?

Answer No I own my computer and it obeys my every command. Or at least it does sometimes.

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Does your IP provide you with their own security for your computer/s?

Depends on the ISP, but just because some offer free AV protection, doesn't mean that you should use it. Example, some ISP's offer mcafee for free...Should anyone use crapafee? No. Some may offer r... Read More »

Does more RAM make your computer faster, even if you are not using all of your current RAM?

this is a common misconception,processors make your computer go faster,the ram(memory makes it run smoother with more ram the computer will run faster but not "go faster "in raw power ... Read More »

Does anyone know what to do on your computer, if you think someone is using your wireless connection?

Yes - set up a sercured network. It is called the WEP key and your software with the router will have the option to enable it. You set it up using a common phrase (think of it as a password) and an... Read More »

Does it actually damage your cd or computer if you push eject while the cd is playing and does it matter if u?

No, as the disc is only being read, you simply stop that operation.