Does your internet provider watch what you go on?

Answer Nobody actually watches you. However the main frame does keep a log of the usage mainly for statistics. Also because the logs that how they can trace paedos, terrorists etc. But you as an individua... Read More »

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Why I cant watch videos on firefox,but can watch it on internet explorer?

You need to get the plugins for Firefox. See info in links below.…While you are at it, get the NoScript, Adblock and Flashblock addons to make your browser... Read More »

Best Internet Provider?

Virgin Media give the best deals for new customers, but treat existing customers like ****., but they are reliable for speed etc.

Which Internet fax provider is best and why?

Hi Samba Jo,Here is a site where they review the different companies. here is a site where they compare all the different companies on a grid format. There are also a... Read More »

Which internet provider?

Have you tried a price comparison site? I've been researching these for my own web-site and I see that uswitch can give prices for telecomms products, including bundles. Please take a look via the ... Read More »