Does your internet provider watch what you go on?

Answer Nobody actually watches you. However the main frame does keep a log of the usage mainly for statistics. Also because the logs that how they can trace paedos, terrorists etc. But you as an individua... Read More »

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What download speed does your internet provider?

hijust got the 50mb deal with virgin,after complaining and threating to quit got the 50mb broadband,small tv and phone package for £46.99 which is less than i was paying for same package with 20mb... Read More »

What is your Favourite Internet Search Provider?

Who is your Internet Service Provider?

I went with Tiscali once.. They were awful. I'm currently with AOL. You can get an 18 month contract with the first six months at £9.99, then £14.99 thereafter. Download speeds are up to 8Mbps.. ... Read More »

(survey)who is your internet service provider?