Dowloading something but dont no what?

Answer Temple Run :D

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Where can i get a loan of three thousand pounds from but i dont own my home and i dont work?

Big Dave down the pub will lend you £3k. Don't worry about the repayment, I'm sure he will take it out of you latter.

Hi last night i was car cras and i dont have driving licence and i dont have insurance?

What help do you expect, you acted selfishly, you deserve all that is coming to you. Personally I hope you get banned, that will make the roads safer.

Why dont we get a refund from car insurance companys when we dont make a claim?

well said that person.i know all the sensible answers but it still doesn't seem makes me ill to think of all the money i've paid out for car insurance 10 + years of driving and no claims! i... Read More »

I dont know& dont care what i will be when i get move out & get a job ect is that normal for a 17yearold?

It is normal but you need a goal do yourself a favor and don't end up like me without a license living with my sister and working at walmart