Dowloading something but dont no what?

Answer Temple Run :D

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I was copying something off of wikipedia and i need to finish it but its not there i dont know what to do?

Google: Wikipedia el valle de los lobosClick on "cached" - You'll get the info that was on the site before it was taken down.So, it WAS on Wikipedia, and now it's not?These are my results: http://7... Read More »

Ive got some money and would like to invest it in something but dont know what. Any ideas?

Instant access savings account - you can get a decent return on some when you account for bonus interest rates after sign-up.Fixed-term savings account - better rate of interest, but no benefit if ... Read More »

I am choosing my gcse's and i dont know what to chose i want to do something to do with hair and beauty?

You probably won't have much to CHOOSE from (not CHOSE - that's the past tense!) as several subjects are compulsory, such as English, Maths, Science & depending on your school, a Modern Foreign Lan... Read More »

What happens if i buy something online but dont pay My brother wanted to play city car driving so i bought it?

The order won't be filled until payment is received. Nothing will happen. Also, I don't know of any legit places online that let you pay with cheque.