Downloading and Streaming?

Answer Whether you're downloading or streaming,the information from the website still goes through your ISP to you,so techically there is no difference. Data is Data.

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Is Streaming the same as downloading?

Streaming is exactly the same downloading. Absolutely no difference whatsoever.The only difference is that when you are streaming you still downloading the same amount of data temporally to your co... Read More »

Are Downloading & Streaming the Same Thing?

At the most basic levels downloading and streaming are two different processes, though there is some overlap between the two. Downloading and streaming are both ways to transmit data from a source ... Read More »

Video streaming and downloading to laptop?

How fast is your Internet connection? web browsing and simple online games can be done on practically any broadband connection, 1.5 Mbps is adequate.Streaming video such ... Read More »

What burns up more data usage using wifi from my nieghbours computer- streaming or downloading?