Downloading entire albums from Facebook rather than doing it individually, how to do this?

Answer this program.The download for it is on the left of the page just under half way downIf you a windows pc, PhotoGrabber-Win-r83.zipif your a mac its,PhotoGra... Read More »

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Doing a job for experience and skills rather than money, is that ok?

as long as you can survive on the money you are earning then definately yes, getting any experience is an advantage, so if you well then you can ask them if you can use them as a reference when you... Read More »

How do I delete my Facebook account rather than just inactivate it?

This very point was covered by "Computeractive" Magazine (it's a UK computer magazine) in the issue of 19. March - 1. April 2009 (p43). This is what the magazine said:(1) Got a Facebook account and... Read More »

How can I download Facebook albums from an old Mac?

If its Not Working Make sure your Flash Player is Working Correctly

Copying sections of music from a cd rather than whole track?

You'll need to use something like windows media player to rip the track onto your computer as a file (use .WAV rather than MP3 in this instance)Then use something like audacity to cut the bits of t... Read More »