Downloads help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Your internet provider knows your downloading pirated software off the internet so they are restricting your account. That's why your can't download for several hours. Soon the cops will be to yo... Read More »

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"I just tried a "free" download "That's the problem - nobody wants to pay for anything any more.

youtube downloads?

With Firefox, saving a Youtube video to your hard drive is an absolute doddle. You simply install the appropriate 'add-on' and a couple of clicks will do the job. So I looked for a suitable add-o... Read More »

Internet downloads!!!!1?

Because it all depends on the time of the day your doing it, how busy your ISP servers are, how busy the servers are your downloading from, how far away from the servers you are [UK/US] and how big... Read More »


1) yes, you can delete anything you want from the downloads list, it only delete the entry from the list, it doesn't delete the file you downloaded.2) just right click on one of the items in the li... Read More »