Drink-driving statistics?

Answer So how are they supposed to come up with that figure ?It's a bit like saying "20% of accidents are caused by drunk drivers".............So. that means 80% of accidents are caused by 'sober' drivers... Read More »

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Drink driving: If you knew that there were no police about, would you be prepared to drink and drive?

My brother was killed in a hit n run by a drink driver.*** hole!Ok sorry. It ruins lives - it ruined my whole family, so I guess people should think about their actions. it is not just about dodg... Read More »

Need some help. I got caught for drink drive, driving while disqualified and driving with no insurance.?

What advise do you want then?I would advise you to sort your life out but that will no doubt fall on deaf ears.You should get a custodial sentence but depending on the magistrates at the time you m... Read More »

Licence suspended because of drink-driving: what may happen if they catch me driving again?

Three months imprisonment and a £3000 fine, plus a three year ban, is INCREDIBLY common.Below are some usefull links to legal experts in this matter,It may prove worth your while to read through t... Read More »

If i have lost my driving licence through drink/driving will this show up on a crb check?

i also lost my licence in 2008 - and yes show on crb.will also stay on your driving record for 11 years