Driving School Marketing and Advertising - what currently works?

Answer I am not certain of the successes of internet marketing. I know one of the challenges of the internet is targeting actual potential costumers. This may or may not be helpful to you, but merchandis... Read More »

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What part time job can I get in advertising/marketing without qualifications in marketing whilst I'm at uni?

Sales for a promotional item company. :) Actually, any sales. You don't need experience to start off (although there's a lot to learn product-wise) but you do need to be willing to sell. And truthf... Read More »

Im stuck on what to do, marketing and advertising (management) or graphic design?

You are still in the position where you could do any job. If you are the creative type you could go for art and layout or perhaps even copy writing. I have put a link to a site below which should h... Read More »

, what are the key differences between direct marketing and media advertising?

Direct Marketing is just that - it's directed at specific types of people (demographics) and goes to them direct. These people can be chosen in various ways - by something they've bought before, by... Read More »

What role does advertising play in the total marketing communication?

Check out Sales and Marketing Help dot com.( )You will find your answer there.Good luck.