Dual LAN Setup Draytek 2820 VLAN Question...?

Answer A (/16) mask means any address starting 192.168.x.x is part of the same subnet, so you have no real partitioning.You need to use non-overlapping subnets - eg. the 192.168.5.x as a /24 a... Read More »

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What Is the Setup for a Dual LNB?

Dual LNBs or low noise blocks allow you to connect multiple satellite receivers to one satellite dish. The set-up process for dual LNB satellite dishes is very similar to single LNB dishes.

Can someone please help with my dual monitor setup?

I had this same problem when setting up multi monitors. The problem is that windows can only support up to one monitor at a time. Therefore if you plug more than one in then it will only show one a... Read More »

What is a Dual Monitor Setup?

A dual monitor setup is a type of arrangement in which two monitors are used with just one computer-processing unit. Such a setup is useful for increasing work or business productivity. However, ... Read More »

What cables would I need for this dual-monitor setup?

You gave a link to the webpage for the generic description of the GeForce GTX 650 card as shown by the Nvidia chip maker. But different makers of those cards have different connectors. Since no o... Read More »