Dual LAN Setup Draytek 2820 VLAN Question...?

Answer A (/16) mask means any address starting 192.168.x.x is part of the same subnet, so you have no real partitioning.You need to use non-overlapping subnets - eg. the 192.168.5.x as a /24 a... Read More »

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What Is the Setup for a Dual LNB?

Dual LNBs or low noise blocks allow you to connect multiple satellite receivers to one satellite dish. The set-up process for dual LNB satellite dishes is very similar to single LNB dishes.

What is a Dual Monitor Setup?

A dual monitor setup is a type of arrangement in which two monitors are used with just one computer-processing unit. Such a setup is useful for increasing work or business productivity. However, ... Read More »

Dual monitor setup, one VGA port. Would USB to DVI work?

Stan I is wrong. USB goes both ways--input AND output. How else would USB printer cables work?There are many brands of USB--to--(whatever port you need) external video adapters on the market for ... Read More »

Can someone please help with my dual monitor setup?

I had this same problem when setting up multi monitors. The problem is that windows can only support up to one monitor at a time. Therefore if you plug more than one in then it will only show one a... Read More »