Dual boot with 2 different HDDs?

Answer Oh, that is easy.the bios will detect both hdd and ask you which one you want in 6 seconds or it will boot to the first OS.Deconnect the first hdd and with the second hdd plug in install windows 8.... Read More »

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How Do I Dual Boot?

There are a number of different ways to dual boot, and the one you choose may depend on factors such as which operating system (OS) you currently have installed and which other OSes you want to be ... Read More »

If i dual boot my xp with ubuntu can i....?

The simple answer is yes. I have dual boot with Ubuntu and XP and have no problems accessing files in my xp partition. Even better is to have Ubuntu installed on a second hard drive. As it doesn't ... Read More »

How to Dual-Boot a Smartphone?

Dual-booting is the process of installing two different operating systems on a computer. This is commonplace with Linux users who may rely on the software compatibility of Windows or Mac OS. Until ... Read More »

Is it possible to install Vista 32 and 64 bit using dual boot?

Hello,(ANS) No.1 Windows Vista 64bit requires proper 64bit hardware otherwise yes! you will run into problems.No.2 Windows Vista 64bit version running on the correct 64bit architecture, should run ... Read More »