E-bay feedback, who should leave it first - what do you think?

Answer Only if you feel like it. No pressure

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When selling on Ebay do you wait for feedback from the buyer before you leave your feedback in general?

Everytime ! I will wait until the buyer leaves feedback and If I have to chase them till they do... too many people dont leave feedback, and without Feedback how would you know who's good and who... Read More »

Should i leave negative feedback on e-bay?

If they failed to respond to your e-mails then yes you are well within your rights to leave negative feedback.

!!CONSUMERS!!(i.e.anybody) Please Leave Feedback!?

Well, I would say that my biggest problem is with diamonds and gemstones in general. I think that based on the fact that jewelry is marked up something increible, people should stop buying it. ES... Read More »

How to Leave Feedback on Fiverr? is a website that lists a whole range of services or "Gigs" offered for just £3.20. Services include social networking and advertising applications, and writing and computer services. G... Read More »