E-bay feedback, who should leave it first - what do you think?

Answer Only if you feel like it. No pressure

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Should i leave negative feedback on e-bay?

If they failed to respond to your e-mails then yes you are well within your rights to leave negative feedback.

Does anyone else get annoyed when sellers on eBay expect you to leave them feedback first...?

Whenever I get that email I always respond by saying that once I receive the product I will leave appropriate feedback, but since my end of the bargain is completed they can feel free to leave my f... Read More »

Ebay question should i leave negative feedback see details?

I have a business on Ebay and I would never list an item I knew I didn't have to sell - what an absolutely ridiculous thing to do - thanks for your custom, one problem, I don't actually have the it... Read More »

Should E-Bay sellers be allowed to leave Negative or Nutral feedback for buyers?

I don't use FB. I don't like it. And idk where facebook got brought into this. The asked is using fb as feedback, not facebook. But I am a ebayer. I think we should be able to leave negative feed... Read More »