Easiest way to delete everything on my laptop, but leaving Microsoft Office software on there?

Answer Do a Google forclear personal data from computerI reckon it would be best to wipe (overwrite) the hard drive completely using the free KILL DISK or DBAN and then reinstall Windows and Microsoft Off... Read More »

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Is there any lottery system there conducting by YAHOO MSN , MICROSOFT WINDOWS. and office address is The Msn/?

No. Just con artists trying to lend credibility to their scams by slapping big names on them.

My stupid boyfriend put a software in my laptop so that he can look at everything,my mail,facebook..?

Simple answer is leave your boyfriend! why would you stay together when he has done something like that! He obviously has no trust in you :(

How would I transfer my Purchased Microsoft Office application from my old laptop to my new one?

It depends what version of office you have - if it is a retail version just uninstall it and reinstall it with the disks that came with it. You can't simply copy the program onto an external drive ... Read More »

Is there anyway of removing EVERYTHING off my laptop so it's like new, but not deleting the OS?

uninstall all your applications, run an application such as CCleaner and then recreate your Windows profile, this is probably as close as you'll get to putting it back to factory clean without wipi... Read More »