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Answer Yes, You can buy a WIFI Dongle that looks like a flash drive, it takes so little time to set up and cuts out the wires you can put the computer anywhere in your house, considering the range of the ... Read More »

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The unit matrix or identity matrix In of size n is the n-by-n matrix in which all the elements on the main diagonal are equal to 1 and all other elements are equal to 0. The identity matrix is name... Read More »

**Please Answer!! Easy 10 points! Msn**?

go on to msm mesnger and just download it its ok to do so

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If I were you I'd put it under the mattress, banks are a gamble and then the tax man will come and nick half of it. I can't really be bothered to get my calculator out, so I'd take a guess to say ... Read More »

NAMES10 easy points to best first answer..!?

J ( in lime green) E (in pink) S (in lime green) S (in pink) with idk a rainbow at the end?:D